Sunday, May 30, 2010

Callie's First Pony

We decided Callie needed a riding toy and what better than a pony?! Every time she sees it, she neighs:)

These next two pictures are our last two Sundays before church. When I say, "Callie, let's take a picture!" this is what she does. She is quite a ham:) I think it is because I always squat down to take the picture on her level.

We have had another busy month, but the most exciting news is that SCHOOL IS OVER! We have a busy June planned too:) My goals for the summer: organizing, cooking, working out, and blogging.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jewels Weekend

My cousin Paula came up with the most wonderful idea for all of the women in our family to get together every spring for a girls getaway:) The Jewels began in Fredericksburg in 2004, and every year it seems to get better! This year, Tonya welcomed us all to their farm in Livingston...thank you again!!!

We range in age from 24-92:) Some of us are related by blood and some of us by marriage, but to be with us, you would never know which is which. (That is my favorite part!)
We all bring little gifts to exchange Saturday evening...some are sweet, some are sentimental, some are inspiring, and mine are usually random:)

(Kristin - You may hate me for this, but I couldn't resist.)
My brother's wife, Kristin, came with us for the first time this year, and I had SO much fun getting to hang out with her. This is a picture of me laughing (and crying) SO hard because of...well, who knows what:) She made the funniest face during a picture, and I had had some margaritas...

Kristin, my Nannie, my mom, and me:)

Callie Grace is named after my Nannie Grace. In fact, there are a lot of little Graces running around in our family!

I had so much fun with you both:) (I LOVE the next 2 pics!)

I had SO much fun hanging out, shopping at the Livingston Trade Days, playing Left-Right-Center, eating, and laughing with my family! I can't wait until next year!!!

The Reason for My Mother's Day this little stinker!
I got a few very sweet things that Callie made, and I also got the pretty necklace I am wearing in the picture and a few more additions to my Pandora bracelet.

Our formerly perfect and mild-mannered child has blossomed into this...

Tantrums and all, our lives wouldn't be the same without our little girl. She is a blessing everyday, and we are learning right along with her. She is growing and changing so much:) She is talking SO much...most of which can be understood! She constantly amazes us with her newest "trick". My newest mission is trying to get some of her singing on cute. Her rendition of "Hold Still...wiggle...wiggle...wiggle" from Yo Gabba Gabba is priceless!

We are looking into newer forms of baby proofing...for our sanity.

I know it has been a looong time since I updated, and I have had many complaints! I am sorry...April has been insane.

~We had a very wonderful Easter!
~We have celebrated 3 Hay Birthdays.
~I went on my annual Jewels Family Weekend. (post to come!)
~After numerous ear infections and failed antibiotics, Callie got tubes in her ears and had her adenoids removed which has been SUCH a blessing!
~I went to Abilene for a tennis reunion...ridiculous fun. (post to come!)
~I got 110 6th graders ready for TAKS...fingers and toes crossed!!!

It wouldn't be Mother's Day without me saying how much I love MY mom:) She is a blessing on top of a blessing!!! Love you:)