Monday, January 11, 2010

Playoff Victory!

I don't feel like anyone in that stadium was as excited as me! I love football, and I especially love the Playoffs. Emmett Smith was there...George W. was there...and we were there.

the view from our seats...

So I was a little too excited to see Bob Costas...

AWESOME, stress-free game thanks in large part to Felix Jones. Where have you been all season Felix?!

take a knee and enjoy the VICTORY

I love you:)

"Maybe I will get to keep my job after all!"

Oh how I can't wait for this one Sunday at noon! The entire Hay family will be rooting for the Vikings...BOO...HISS! Favre and I are no longer friends, so I can't wait to see him against the Cowboys' D.

So most of my pictures are pictures of the video board...I can't help it!
You can't have a post without Callie:) This is her picture on her first day in the toddler class at school.