Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween...

...from the cutest ladybug we have ever seen!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cowboys vs. Falcons

We got to take a trip this week to the AMAZING Cowboy Stadium:) It really is unbelievable from the clean bathrooms to the glass walls to the retractable roof and, of course, the video board.
Ladies and gentlemen, that is Craig Hay in a Cowboys t-shirt...a ROMO t-shirt! I am slowly wearing him down!

Love him:)
My first glimpse of Tony. It was so much easier to just watch the video board. Sometimes, we would forget there was an actual game going on underneath it. It really is insane.

The Cowboy Cheerleaders were doing there little opening dance...big deal I guess. I found it HILARIOUS that the Falcons kicker was kicking OVER them to get a feel for the video board. Could he have not come out earlier and done this?!


Cowboys WIN 37-21:) Craig and I have been twice, and the Cowboys have lost both times. We were just happy that we really aren't a jinx!

We had such a wonderful day with good friends and a great game!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ruby Red Slippers

Callie and I both wore red shoes to church this morning! They made us happy:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Months!

Our baby girl is 10 months old! This month she has been a busy little bee. She has perfected the art of crawling and can do it really fast. You can leave her in a room, and when you turn around, she is right behind you. Pulling up on anything and everything is Callie's new favorite trick. We are having to constantly watch her! Her favorite thing to pull up on is the Baby Einstein activity center that we borrowed from Griffin. There is a wheel that makes animal sounds that makes Callie squeal:) The coffee table and our pants are also popular pull up spots. She can stand alone for about 1 second before she realizes she isn't hanging on to anything. Dancing along to music is another adorable she learned from me no doubt! Hehe:) We are still struggling with table food, but we have found a few things that she likes. She enjoys chicken, cereal bars, and is OBSESSED with Multigrain Cheerios! It is really funny. A sippy cup is still not our friend.

After 2 days, several hours, and a lot of fighting, this is the best picture I could get! She is too busy to stay in her chair, and leaving her sign alone is just not an option.

So many out-takes!

Trying to stand up in her chair!

"I am out of here!"

I even tried to distract her with her seahorse. Still no smile! (She loves that thing...thank you Grandma and Grandpa!)

Taking a break...

This is right before she did a FLIP off of her chair onto the floor!!! It took a very athletic move to catch her, and there were NO tears or injuries...whew...scared me to death.

Showing off the new skills...and trying to get to the 10 Month sign.

a little dancing:)

Take 2! This try, she was obsessed with putting things in her mouth:(

She loves to eat her shoes and her toes...strange.

If I could have gotten her to look up, this would have been GREAT!


This month has flown by! We are thinking of Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving plans, and 1st Birthday parties! It is hard to believe it is already fall...We FINALLY have some fall weather! It is so nice to pull out long sleeves:)
Craig is full into "hunter mode." I still don't understand it, but I tolerate it anyway:) I am so busy with school! Having 115 6th graders isn't that bad until you realize you have sets of 115 papers to grade! It is a lot.
We are going to see the Cowboys in 2 WEEKS!!! They better get their act together before then...I have never seen them win in person:( I have been 3 times, and they have lost every time...Packers, Patriots, Eagles! If they lose to the Falcons, I may be banished from the stadium.
You better believe I am getting excited about New Moon...all the pictures and previews are amazing:) The sountrack comes out on October 20th, so hopefully that can hold me over until the movie. I have a poster and countdown up at school...for the kids.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lazy Saturday

We had a lazy Saturday yesterday filled with cuteness from Callie:)

Her first time to pull up on the coffee table! I was so excited until I realized what this truly means...

It means we can no longer leave anything on the coffee table:(

She is so cute kneeling beside her toy basket. She likes to pull everything out of it:)

She finally gave up on pulling out toys one by one and just dumped them all out. Her crazy hair is becoming something we deal with on a regular basis...poor thing.

We had such a fun day:) Baby Girl is going to be 10 months old in less than a week...hard to beleive.