Sunday, September 27, 2009


I think this picture says it all! Our lives around here are changing because Callie has decided that crawling is no longer enough. I felt like we were just getting used to her following us everywhere, and now we have to watch her constantly to make sure she doesn't crack her head on the floor! She is pulling up on anything and everything! She isn't quite strong enough to take steps, but she will be soon. Prayers are requested:)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

9 Months!

Callie loves paper too much to let her sign sit nicely in her chair, so this is the best we have:)

Time is flying around our house! It seems like September just started, and now we are in the middle of it. Callie Grace is growing and changing so much. She has perfected "the worm" and can move across the floor pretty quickly. She is working on crawling correctly now and is doing a very good job. She is talking up a storm and loves to repeat sounds. Still no Mama though:( She is learning to hold her bottle and drink from a sippy cup too! Her favorite things are her little animals that she can hold. She still loves shoes and has a new obsession with cords of all kinds. This is not good for us though! It is like she knows she shouldn't have them, so that is the first thing she goes for! It is amazing! She has had her first cold and her first (and second) ear infection. Callie still loves all of her friends at daycare! We are starting to think about her 1st birthday which is just around the corner!!!


This month we have been...
...wearing cute pjs

...learning our letters.
...holding our bottle.

...taking lots of naps.

...playing with our animal friends.

...figuring out our sippy cup.

...learning to deal with crazy morning hair.

...inch worming across the floor!

Craig and I have been so busy with work that we are not sure if we are coming or going sometimes. We have been enjoying the US Open, and I am sure I will go through withdrawls on Monday when it is over. Waiting until January for the Australian Open will be tough!
We are headed to our 10 YEAR High School reunion this weekend. It is hard to believe it has been that long. Question: Am I old?! I don't feel old!
Also, Julie and our little nephew are having a shower this weekend. We can't wait to meet him in November:)
Sometimes I just log on to this page to look at the New Moon Countdown...I am more excited that I can express! If you haven't seen the 3rd trailer, you should check it out. It is fantastic in every way.