Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Like Totally Rad!

Our friend, Kim, had a SURPRISE 80s Birthday Party...SO fun!

The story of our outfits is terrific! We have some good family friends that own a dry cleaners in Abilene. This cream colored, shoulder padded polyester suit had been left there. Kind of creepy, but at least we knew it was clean!!! My dress was purchased at Target...2 weeks ago. WHY is this dress available for people to wear?!?! It came STRAIGHT out of the 80s and is hideous!

Patrick and Katy in all of their 80s glory. Patrick is Indiana Jones and had the officially licensed hat to prove it:)

Fabulous picture:) You can't really worry about how you look when you are dancing to 80s music!

On to much cuter things...

Callie loves hanging out with her Daddy. She even started saying Dada this week:) It is so cute, but now she says it ALL of the time. I think she is rubbing it in a little!

Just chillin'

"WHY Mom?"

I promise this is not a pose! She was just laying like this while she was playing:) Fabulous!

We have been BUSY, BUSY around here. I went back to teaching this week, and I think I will be adjusting for quite awhile. A 7:30 start time is ROUGH! Also, 6th graders are EXHAUSTING! My mom has been here helping which is the only thing keeping me from curling up in a ball and sobbing. Working Mom is a daunting title. I am actually happy to be back, and I have a refreshed attitude about teaching:) I am just tired!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sports Announcements

This is just annoying. Brett Favre, you have retired twice, but here you are holding a Viking jersey. I will no longer support you...sorry.

THIS, however, is very exciting! Pudge is back in a Ranger jersey:) YEA!

(I would like to thank Lance for keeping me updated today while I was in a workshop!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8 Months!

It is hard to believe that our Baby Girl is 8 months old! So far, this month has been very eventful... We had Lance and Kristin's wedding, and then Callie started daycare which has been much harder on me than her:) Also, she is doing a version of a crawl that is really funny and tortures our four-legged friend, Maddie. We really have to watch her at all times now, and I had to tell her NO for the first time when she started tearing up my US Magazine that she found on the bottom shelf of the coffee table. (I didn't mind the tearing TOO much because Ed and Jillian kind of deserve it...haha! I just didn't want Callie to get a paper cut.) She is starting to "talk" up a storm, and I am determined that she will say Mama soon!!! As you can see, she is getting so big and has so much personality! She is such a happy little girl:)

She did so good this time that I don't have that many outtakes!

Ooooo, shoes!

I think this one is HILARIOUS! She is looking at me like I have lost my mind! Maybe I have:)

AND she found the shoot over!

I thought she was so cute sitting in her high chair while I unloaded groceries. It is a good place to enjoy some time with your pacifier.

I have had many people asking for pictures of the house. I am sorry, but the perfectionist in me is SCREAMING, "It is not finished! It is NOT finished!" Here is something that is close...the breakfast area. It was just painted Brick Paver, and I LOVE IT! It is a little lighter than it looks in this picture, and it has a little more orange in it than the red from our old house. I also heart our table from Jordan Taylor in Abilene, and the painting is from Ballard Design...two of my favorite places! Please accept this for now, and know that I promise pictures when it is "finished."

We got some SUPER EXCITING NEWS that we are going with the Bowyers to the Cowboys and Falcons in October...YEA!!! I cannot wait to see Tony in the new stadium where I can wear my new jersey! Also thrilling is that the New Moon countdown ticker is UNDER 100 days. I cannot tell you how excited that makes me:) It is making me think that it has been too long since I watched Twilight...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel...

(The title of this post is dedicated to you Lance...haha!)

We had SO much fun this weekend at Lance and Kristin's wedding:) Being a very proud big sister is hard work, but I managed! They honestly had the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen, and I am so happy they are finally married. I have a new sister:) I was having WAY too much fun to take pictures, so I will have to wait for better ones from the AMAZING photographers. (I will post some of those when they are available because I know they will be stunning.)

Check out Lance's sweeeet tie clip!

They really do love each other...I promise.

This guy is REALLY excited about getting married:) Haha!

SUPER proud of my mom for holding it together:)

THE most beautiful bride and dress I have ever seen!

The back was GORGEOUS!

Callie was very impressive during her stroll down the aisle and didn't make a peep during the wedding...good girl! She looked like a little angel:) She was more interested in my earrings than anything else though!

Mother/Son dance that nearly didn't happen because Lance couldn't pick a song...hehe:)

Saying good-bye to the Bride and Groom

Callie hanging out in her PJs on sweet:)

We are all so excited for the NEW Mr. and Mrs. Johnson:)

MORE PICTURES: Cindy sent me these, and I think they are super cute.

Here is Callie with Pops who was her escort down the aisle:)