Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Rising

The wait is OVER!!! Fabulous. Amazing. Wonderful. It was perfect...absolutely perfect!

Watching the movie was the FIRST time I have ever felt any kind feelings towards Jacob. While I will never be on his team, I may have a new respect for him.

The Volturi were OH SO creepy! They were terrific!

Oh Edward, how I still love you:) Now on to other things. There are only 221 days until Eclipse...hehe!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Callie still won't cooperate for pictures! Despite her lack of smile, anyone can see that she is adorable:) We have had such a busy and exciting month. Callie continues to pull up and stand around everything she can get her hands on. Her favorite thing to do is pull up on our pants and reach her arms up for us to hold is irresistable. Her Gigi bought her a little baby stroller, and she loves to walk behind it...YES...WALK behind it! She never even hesitated when we gave it to her. She zooms around her playroom while she pushes her baby. She has already had some pretty big crashes that have sent her into hysterics...I guess she is going to be dramatic like me:) She is just starting to stand by herself and has taken exactly ONE step independently.

Callie was very wary of table food when Craig and I were giving it to her. Last week, she started eating breakfast, lunch, and a snack at school and LOVES it! Every day when we pick her up her teachers are telling us about a new food that Callie loves or something else she has devoured. Yesterday it was a barbeque sandwich and today it was a donut pastry. I am introducing her to the finer things like Chick-fil-a and Wing Stop:)

Callie loves to play in her bath, and Gigi nicknamed her "Hurricane Callie." She is always splashing! We are constantly hearing laughs and giggles that will make your heart melt. She loves to sit in my closet and play with my basket of flip flops, and today she played with one of my dad's wooden bats for about 15 minutes:) She is officially "in to everything" and we constantly follow her around.

We are thinking about birthday parties which is insane to me and kind of hard to wrap my brain around!

Out-takes: Still obsessed with the sign...

She had to get up and move around:)

Searching for just the right toy...

This look on her face cracks me up! I am sure I was singing a silly song or making a weird noise. She is like, "Please, Mom!"
Craig and I are busy, busy still. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We are looking forward to some time with family. Our nephew is due on the 24th, and we are SO ready to meet him:)
Um, New Moon in 9 days! I am giddy with excitement, and I already have my ticket!