Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The End of Summer

It is slightly embarassing to me how long my "Evenings with Edward" post has been on my blog. It was meant to be up for a few days and then I would post about my FAMILY! Ha:)

The end to our summer has been full and eventful...

July 26th - Craig and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary:)
July 28-30 - Callie and I went to our 2nd Ranger game together and spent some time with the fam at the Four Seasons! (post to follow)
July 30-August 2 - I got to spend some MUCH needed time with my very pregnant Best Friend in Nashville.
*During this time, I fell in LOVE with the Hunger Games Series which I had to read for school. It is violent, it is raw, AND there is a love triangle:)*
July 30-August 7 - Callie was spoiled rotten by 4 grandparents and countless Aunts and Uncles. She was treated to daily swimming, a short order cook, homemade smoothies at 9:00pm, and ridiculously late bedtimes.
August 7 to present - We are trying to reverse the effects of Callie's week away! HA!

This is Callie's first day in a new class at school! She is SOOOO excited:)
I will have to post about all of her cuteness later. She is beyond precious and FUNNY!

BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! I have to say, I haven't dreaded it as much this year...I think that is a good thing. I WILL miss my lazy days and my athletic shorts, but I am excited about a terrific year.

I have this picture in my classroom. Here is a typical converstaion when a student first sees it.
Student: "Miss, those your kids."
Me: "REALLY?! Do I look old enough to have kids that old? Look more closely..."
Student: "THAT'S YOU!" What are you wearing?!"
Me: "I never said I was cool."

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! It is my first day of 6th grade and Lance's first day of 1st grade. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of how akward being a 6th grader can be, so I keep it as a reminder. Also, I think it is nice for my kiddos to see that I was once in their shoes...maybe not their shoes, but I am in my red socks and loafers:)



  1. Two most adorable kids in the world !!!! Wow, does that picture bring back some wonderful memories. It seems like yesterday you were headed to your first day at Madison Middle School and Lance was going to the brand new Allie Ward Elementary. My babies have grown up to be such awesome young adults.
    Love, MOM

  2. Lacy, this is such a cool Back to School post! I LOVE the pic of you in 6th grade and I must say, I had a very similar pair of loafers that I also wore with socks :) I wouldn't say we were uncool...just a little misguided. LOL! Very sweet that you keep it in your classroom as a reminder. AND...your conversation just cracked me UP! "Miss, those your kids." LOVE IT. Have a great year!