Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Lake!

We finally found a weekend to join the Hays at Lake Brownwood, and we had SO much fun on our very quick trip!

We got to spend some time with our sweet nephew, Logan:)

Miss Priss wanted in my lap too, but she didn't know what to think about Logan trying to touch her. *BTW - The lake does WONDERS for my hair:(*

Julie and I love how this picture makes us look tan when we are DEFINITELY NOT...haha!
I think Uncle Tony is trying to talk her into jumping...
Her life jacket made her a little wary, but I think this was the first of many swims by the dock.
This is right after I jumped off the dock...13 feet! I am such a daredevil...haha. (Julie wouldn't jump, and I tried to tell her that if she jumped, she would see didn't work.)

out for a ride
Most of the time she spent in the boat was spent sleeping...great place to take a nap!

swimming with Grandma
TOO cute:)

THANK YOU for a fun weekend Grandma and Grandpa!
We missed you Chris, Kylee, and Jeff!

Before we went to Brownwood, we spent some time with my fam in Abilene! We did the important things...Abuelo's, Rosas, golf, shopping at know. No matter how short our time, these things must happen:)

I bought this coat at BCBG, and now I am ready for winter. I LOVE IT!!!

Our summer is going TOO, TOO fast! We have a few trips planned that I am SO excited about, and then it is back to school.

Don't think I have forgotten to post about Eclipse...I am still so amazed by it that my thoughts aren't clear yet:)

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  1. Looks like everyone had fun at the lake !!!!! Can't believe you jumped off the dock and Julie didn't. She didn't fall for the "seeing Edward trick". We enjoyed having ya'll here. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks and bringing Callie home with me. YEA !!!!
    Love, GiGi